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Spring Into Organizing

Spring is here! With the warm weather upon us, you'll probably want to be outside enjoying it. If clutter is weighing you down and keeping you from doing the things you enjoy most, check out these five tips to refresh and renew your home.

About Stress Balls

Stress balls (also known as stress relievers or stress toys) are one of the most popular promotional products today. There are many excellent reasons why stress balls make a great custom or imprinted gift and here are just a few.

Getting the Life You Want With the Law of Attraction

Whether you believe it or not, you can obtain the anything you want in life. This is possible through the Law of Attraction, also known as "the secret." Learning how apply to Law of Attraction into your life is a never-ending, life-changing experience. There are no limitations to what we c

Seize the Day - Do it Now

It's easy to go through life each and every day and end up living a life of mediocrity; getting up getting dressed taking a shower, brushing your teeth, going to work, and clocking in; and then doing the tasks at work with no particular enthusiasm, while watching the clock, taking your lunch, a

Secrets of State Management - The Foundation of Happiness

Most people do not realize that we are constantly in a state. In fact, we cannot not be in a state. States can be resourceful (happy, motivated, creative, etc.) or non-resourceful (angry, resentful, fearful, etc.). People who spend the majority of their time in resourceful states are more likely to

How Good Are You at Detecting Lies and Deceit?

A poker player has to learn to bluff and also how to detect bluffs. This is a skill which everyone can learn, and it's very useful in life in general, not just in learning how to win at poker.

Change - The Only Thing That Never Changes

There's a very simple format to implementing change, and over the years that format has remained the same. Follow these simple rules to find the outcomes you are seeking in your life!

How to Be Happy With What You Have in Life

What will it take for you to be happy in life? Will it take success, lots of money, and that car you have been wanting? What will it take to really allow you to just ...

Master Our Emotion

We are not hurt by the other people, but by our own anger, hatred, anxiety or fear. Our uncontrolled emotion can eat us alive. We had better master our emotions and keep calm in any situation so that we can protect ourselves unharmed.

Motivation - The Power of Drive

Create a very clear and detailed picture of where you want to go and how you want your life to be. It can help to cut pictures from magazines, books, etc. that represent your goals and dreams.

Improve Your Conversation Skills If Your Mind Goes Blank

If you suffer from nervousness or shyness or if your mind goes blank during conversations, you can find help in this article. Improve your conversation skills easily and overcome your shyness with a f

What Happened To You?

You know how, when you were little you had all these wonderful dreams about what you wanted to be 'when you grew up'? You believed you could do most anything, and life was one big adventure. Somewhere along the line, you lost all that. What happened?

Goal Setting - The Question Is Whether You Want It Or Not

I just returned home from a meeting with a new participant of my personal coaching program. This participant of mine has been working with a company for a very long time. According to him, there are some 'office politics' going on at his work place at the moment.

Effective Leaders Know To Keep Things Simple

Why do so many people, so very often, seem to do everything they can to over- complicate their lives and their activities? Isn't this an even worse trait for someone who wishes to be an effective, successful leader?

Living The Good Life You So Deserve

This will make it easier for you to get positive results in your endeavors thus live the good life that you deserve. Avoid any negative mentality. Instead, cultivate an atmosphere of positive thinking that....

Give Life a Hug - It's Free And Fulfilling

Minimalism: emptiness, austerity, meaninglessness, plainness. Minimizing is the act of reducing or eliminating. So, it is reasonable to interpret that minimalism is the equivalent of bland. Wrong! A life of voluntary simplicity can offer much more than nothing! Indeed, by eliminating the emotional,

How Do You Grow Your Dreams?

I read an intriguing statement the other day that I want to share with you: "Treat your dreams as you would a garden - give them room to grow!" This is a wonderful analogy, especially for spring. So, here I am thinking about the basics of gardening and wondering how it applies to growing a

Stop Being Shy

Stop being shy! There are several factors to possibly be generated as you stop being shy. Shyness certainly will not go away completely on it's own. It will take initiative, however the sacrifices are very well definitely worth the results.