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What's The Difference Between The Soul And The Spirit?

Which one of these is more valuable; the soul or the spirit? People often use the words "soul" and "spirit" synonymously as though they each referred to the idea of life after death and the eternity of our existence, yet there is also much more to the definitions of "soul&qu

Writing Articles Online Will Help Your Memory and Cognitive Skills

Back when I was in high school and college I was a spectacular athlete, and I'm not afraid to say so now. At the time, it might not been inappropriate, as it would have shown an inflated ego, but I was pretty good. After I retired, I tried something new, something I wasn't very good; writi

Finding Ourselves In This Journey Called Life

I've been doing a little soul searching lately. It seems that we all go through this from time to time. Wondering if we're fulfilling our purpose, or living up to the expectations of motherhood.

Building Your Speaking, Training, Author and Coaching Platform Online

There are many ways to get your points across in the online world. There is no limit to the number of people you can reach and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Now you can spend a few hundred dollars and with an understanding of how the internet works, you can build an online busines

Failure of the Mind

Success has a lot to do with one's belief in oneself. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that the root of most failures or shortcomings may be disbelief. Have you considered that?


Without failure, there can be no success. Learn to embrace your failures, for they are indications that you are on the path to success.

Illusion: The Golden Years

Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought as to why I am out of sorts regarding my expectation that 'the golden years,' would be so much more enjoyable. Literally, I grew-up believing that after I had worked and raised my family; I could just kick back and enjoy the rest of my life wi

Penniless On Cloud Nine

Got money problems? Find out how to navigate through the nightmare in tact. You're in a better position than you realize...

Personal Development Programs For Any Change You Want To Make

The sphere of personal development has many forms. When someone talks about personal development coaching, they may be speaking about personal development in personal life or in business. There are many different personal development programs available for any need someone may have. Here are some of

Knowing Your Life Purpose Will Benefit You!

Learn how knowing your life's purpose can benefit you. Discover how a simple proven program can dramatically change your overall perception and happiness.

7 Ways Of Improving Self Confidence

Even the most outwardly confident person has times when they would appreciate more self confidence. For the rest of us mere mortals, here are some helpful tips for improving self confidence.1. Stop putting yourself downWe all have an inner voice. You know, the one that nags you incessantly if you ge

Leadership - 3 Realities of Leading

Stepping into a leadership role is a significant step in just about every profession. Initially you feel excited and energized and appear to be going along on a crest of a wave. Sadly, much as we would like this feeling to last for ever, the realities of leading is somewhat different. So what are so

5 Ways to Reach Your Goals

Do you have lots of goals in life? Are you trying to think about ways to reach your goals? Are you frustrated that you are reaching your goals and do you want some new ways to reach them? Well, here are five ways to reach your goals that may help you make life easier.

Dealing with people

Are you suffering with conflicts in your life? And don't know how to sort out all the issues. How to manage the situations? The art of dealing with people is not found very common. One needs

Self-Improvement's Role in Creating Your Best Life

How do we improve when life keeps throwing us "whammies?" How do we keep standing up and going forward? What's the point? I understand. Believe me, I've been there, done that. I have had some ...