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Minor Adjustments, Big Results

Many times in life it is not the big adjustments that are significant, but it is the small ones. You could be just a small adjustment away from reaching your goals. For once in your life, do not think big; think small. Let's began there first.

The Secret to Creating a Powerful Vision Board For Relationships and Romance

Can you attract your ideal partner with the use of a well designed Vision Board, Dream Board or Treasure Map? The trick is to find pictures and images you really enjoy looking at because you want to feel good when imagining the future.You will attract people, situations and circumstances according t

Why Successful Business People are Successful

You will have to visualize a bright future with fun-filled, exciting images! Not only to change your feelings but also to make a better decision. If you keep a lot of open options, you will stay succe

Feel the Fear Then Let it Go - Part 1

How to deal with fear. I learned about this method of dealing with fear over 20 years ago and in that time it has served well and continues to help many people let got of their fears and change their lives for good. In that time it has evolved into a simple Three Step process that can be used on any

Tips On How To Pass A Job Interview

A job interview is the last and most important determining phase of your chosen career. This is your make or break moment therefore you must find a way to pass it with flying colors. Below are some tips on how to pass a job interview.

Discussing Karate Kid With Jaden Smith - Part I

Jaden Smith was being bullied in the movie, Karate Kid, and he did not want to tell his mother. He was being interviewed on The View. Joy stated that kids never want to tell their parents when they are being bullied. Sherri's take was that, that is a problem that we have today because kids do n

Why Is an Abuse Victim Denied Intimacy?

This article first provides the many definitions of "intimacy." It then explores the reasons why abuse victims are unable to partake of it.

The Moment Is The Now

The moment is the Now. How funny it is to know otherwise as some of the great ones have declared in the past. The moment is the Now as you awaken and smell the Now as the fresh aroma of life itself. The Moment is the Now as you wish it to be, as you walk your walk and talk your talk, your talk is po

Your Vices Are Wise Steps to Success

Are you unemployed for some time now? Are you depressed when all your friends got plum jobs? Are you losing your confidence? Always worried about your future career prospects? Though you are intelligent, if you do not have the tact to grab an opportunity, you feel disappointed and depressed. You sho

Ten Things You Should Know About Grief

Grief is the last "living" connection to a loved one who has died. When you expect someone to "get over" their grief, remember you are expecting them to leave their loved one behind and move on.

How To Lead A Smoke Free And Healthy Life

Do you find that you cannot enjoy life as much as you want to because you lack energy? Is being short of breath holding you back? Do you miss having a good night's sleep?

Building Confidence Naturally.

The first thing which you need to address when building self confidence naturally is to make sure that you like yourself. This may seem like a silly thing to say, however it is known that ...

Reconciling Broken Voices and Visions

GOD'S intent for humanity is so often not met, and one of these areas is how our minds work quite involuntarily. We are ashamed to acknowledge the sorts of thoughts - presented as 'voices' and 'visions' - we are subject to, thinking we are the only ones who are subject to su

The Higher Powers

We all have the responsibility to do what is 'right' in the eyes of Heaven. In case anyone forgot, here is a brief reminder.

Free Won't: 5 Steps To Keep Control Over Your Emotions

Several years ago, I related a Ki Moment in which my ability to center and regain emotional control was tested. In the middle of multi-tasking kitchen chores, I turned around and walked into the open door of the dishwasher, cracking my shin and careening in pain. Instead of tearing the door from its