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Response Ability

As an acupuncturist, I see a lot of patients who are interested in learning what action to take in order to become healthier. They ask questions about why their elbow hurts, why their digestion is sluggish, or why they suffer from chronic headaches. They want to know which specific steps they need t

"Think Happens" - Mental Conditioning to Deal With Life in the Fast Lane

Mental preparation before white water rafting was a key to our successful and fun trip. The reality was, anything could have happened, for better or worse, and we couldn't cover every eventuality. We were conditioned mentally with key elements in a most likely case scenario. For anything else,

Emotional Excavation - Embracing and Understanding How You Feel

Emotions can feel frightening, nebulous, confusing, painful, freeing, life-giving, cathartic, and so much more. They are our felt experience of our lives and of ourselves. In the purest sense, emotion consists of sensation felt in the physical body. However, because our bodies and minds are inextric

Recession Or No Recession - You Can Still Follow Your Dreams

The Great Depression didn't end society as we know it. It merely meant the end of one age and the beginning of another. It was a drastic way of implementing change; but the same thing happens in nature constantly. Forest fires occur naturally in which acres of a forest burn to the ground, and a

5 Tips How To Cure Anxiety Naturally

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Perhaps you are sitting at your doctor's room waiting room, anticipating the horse sized needle that the doctor will administer to you or maybe you have spent the whole day cooking but your mother- in- law face says that your best effor

No Secrets - Success is in the Baby Steps

After four decades in life and nearly two decades in the business world I have seen and experienced big success and dismal failure.Many variables contribute to each result, but I find that the positive result, success, is more often achieved using this philosophy...

What's Good Enough?

As I was logging in my calories for the day, recording how much exercise I'd gotten this week and tracking my other various goals, I had to stop and wonder - how do you know when what you are doing (or who you are) is Good Enough?Is it Good Enough to attend church once a week or does it only co

How Movies Can Help You Avoid Dream Bullies

In this world there are two kinds of people: Dream Achievers and Dream Bullies. Dream Achievers give life to dreams. Dream Bullies harass or destroy dreams. If you want to be a Dream Achiever, you must learn two things: how to avoid Dream Bullies and how to seek the company and support of other Drea

Defining Core Values For Charity and Inspirational Giving

The Principle of Reciprocity is unlike the law of gravity and you simply cannot treat it like it is. For example, you know if you let go of an object from your hand it will fall to the ground. If you give with the intention to receive back, then you are defeating its purpose. When we give with a gen

A Stress-Free Vacation

Hiring a travel agent to help you plan your trip is a smart idea to keep it less stressful. Along with following money saving tips and other stress reducing travel tips, this can make your vacation ve

The Death of Leadership

Leadership is dead. Or, if not dead, it's in a coma. Executives all over the world are so overwhelmed with the day-to-day nitty-gritty of their jobs and hampered by the lack of support from the board that they don't have the time or energy to be good leaders.

I Am Not Shaq

If you have been hurt or frustrated by someone's behavior, you might try practicing non-attachment, otherwise known as the art of not taking things personally. If someone has hurt or frustrated me it's because I (at least at one time) cared about how the person behaved. And I've learn

Getting to Know You: A Necessary Requirement

This article addresses how we can improve our self esteem by taking an honest look at ourselves, appreciating the positives and working to change the negatives. It concerns Tony, who, after several failed marriages, found himself wondering, "What's wrong with me?"

Personal Time Management

Time Management is one of the most essential steps to a successful career and a good life. It is very important to manage one's time well, and the sole idea is not to become a disorganized and utterly confused individual.