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A Powerful Alternative to Hypnosis

Quit smoking, Lose weight, Overcome shyness...Are some of the Promises of Hypnosis. The fact is Hypnosis can be expensive and does not work for most people.

Use the F.A.T. System for Handling Paper Clutter

Paper clutter costs us many hours of wasted time cleaning, sorting, and finding lost documents.Learn how tom manage unruly paper clutter in this article by Personal Development Consultant Tristan Loo.

Fake it Until You Make it - You Can Be Anyone You Want to Be

In Roman culture, the literal translation of educate is: to draw out. That small distinction has profound implications. It would mean that the process of education is not done by adding information the brain's content but allowing the information that is already there to come up to the consciou

Fair-apy Bahari's Balancing Breath

Bahari is the Sea Nymph and our Fairy of Inspiration and Intuition.One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the creative well of the collective unconscious is through focused breathing.

Have You Created a 3-Tiered Support System for Success?

Delegating is so incredibly important because the more successful you become and want to be, the more responsibility there is. However, you are not supposed to be doing it all on your own! In this article I will show you how to delegate in order to maximize your success.

Simple Ways To Improve Memory

Are you seeking ways to Improve Memory? The human mind is undoubtedly a wonderful tool but memory is a skill that can only be cultivated with some practice and a lot of patience. Anyone wanting ...

How To Make The Most Of Your College Time Management Life in general can be challenging to squeeze everything into a schedule and accomplish tasks in order. College time management can be just as much, if not more hectic because of the overall lifestyle. While it is a time to live, learn and experience, it is al

The Competition Between The Artificial Lipstick And The Mineral Lipstick

What is that product that is surely present in most of the purses of ladies everywhere around the globe? The most obvious answer is the lipstick because it is used so frequently one cannot simply walk around without it. So what to choose from the variety of the market? The mineral lipstick is a grea

Small Changes - Big Changes

'Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.' --Albert EinsteinThe concept of change is a difficult one to define.Sometimes things seem to stay the same for huge periods of time.

Doing Right When Surrounded by Temptation

The most difficult question one is asked on a daily basis with reference to principle centered living is how do I do right when surrounded by temptation? It is an issue that we struggle with daily, whether we are facing a moral or ethical issue.

Morse Code Assists in Medical Conditions

A 79 year old English woman was injured in a fall and suffered severe brain damage. She was unable to move or speak but she could still understand her surroundings. Her knowledge of Morse code helped

Work and Life Balance

Most people find it a challenge to balance their life with work. As a result, one of these aspects tends to suffer. Managing time becomes really important in order to create a balance. But you can not manage what you have not scheduled. For you to understand this, you have to take work and life as t

Why You Should Learn How to Open Each Chakra

Each Chakra is responsible for a different emotional, physical, and mental state and they are all interconnected with one another. They all rely on each other in order to maintain proper balance.

Follow Your Heart

During a time in my life, when I really needed some good advice, a friend offered me these words, "Follow your heart." Using what was left of my mind and searching through my broken heart; I tried to fathom his meaning. His advice sounded flippant in every sense of the word!

Strive For Position

To position someone or something is to place that person or thing in a place that will make it or the person relevant to the task or goal that we seek accomplish. To put someone or something in a suitable place. Regardless of circumstance we can still move forward. You can place a lid on tightly, bu