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The Different Types Of Proteins

Proteins are fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism. They are essential in the diet of ...

What You Should Know About Athletic Nutrition

The athletic performance of an athlete depends on the kind of food nourishment that they eat. Athletic nutrition should be in accordance with the athlete's sport and their physical needs. A lot of athletes, particularly the youth, practice certain eating habits which can greatly affect their at

Discover the Many Benefits of Chamomile

For many centuries, the herb chamomile has been utilized to cure many conditions such as flatulence, diarrhea, stomach issues, insomnia, and anxiousness. In addition, it has been rubbed on the skin to cure specific skin conditions.

Work Out Diets - What to Eat and When for Maximum Weight Loss - Part 2

In Work Out Diets - What to Eat and When for Maximum Weight Loss - Part 1, I gave you guidelines on how to evaluate a diet plan and listed the best foods to eat for maximum weight loss with my "Back to Basics" diet. Next I give you some dietary supplements that help accelerate fat loss and

5 Secrets of Reading Food Labels Revealed

Whether you're concerned about cancer, cardiovascular disease,diabetes, or simply losing weight, you want to eat a healthy dietand focus on foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, andphytonutrients, and balanced in fats, carbs, proteins.

Fish Oil and Joint Replacement Therapy

Natural healers have long held the belief that diets high in essential fatty acids will help those patients suffering from bone and joint diseases. These diseases seem to cause high levels of inflammation in the body causing pain and bone loss. The addition of fish, fish oil and other sources of ome

Get the Skinny on Fats

Omega 3, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, saturated, transfats... wow! How is an ordinary everyday person supposed to keep track of all these fats and know which ones are good for us?

Healthy Eating With the Glycemic Load

Although there are a lot of advantages of applying the glycemic index, it can sometimes be confusing. In an attempt to get rid of some of this confusion, a system using the glycemic index to determine the Glycemic Load was created.

3 Practical Uses of the Glycemic Index

Introduction to the glycemic index, including a review of the primary goal regarding blood sugar. Reveals insights on the role of "rank-ordering" foods, in addition to pointing out the food group most at issue. Explores the four reasons carbohydrates are the wild card. Yields instructive a

5 Simple Ways to Live Healthy

Doing a personal self-check to see that we are doing only the right things in our body will be helpful in avoiding those things that will be doing us nothing but the reverse. Lifestyle and habit check

5 Yeast Infection Healing Foods

If you are one of the many women who struggle with chronic yeast infections then you are probably desperate to find natural ways to end this uncomfortable condition. Yeast Infections are not just a female issue but 25% of men struggle with chronic yeast infections as well.

The Main Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

If you are looking to get more vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your diet, wheatgrass is a good choice. It’s a type of grass from the “wheat” family. It actually comes from a plant called an Agropyron plant. Although it comes from the wheat family, it looks suprisingly a lot

Are You Insulin Resistant?

Insulin Resistance is becoming epidemic in the United States, thanks to a diet heavy in fast foods and processed foods.Many people trying to lose weight on traditional diets are defeated by ferocious hunger pangs.If you're one of them, you may be insulin resistant.Discover how the Glycemic Inde

The Health Benefits of Calcium

Calcium is necessary to maintain healthy bones and teeth, as well as a normal heart rhythm. This particular mineral also helps with muscle contraction, nerves and relaxation. Most people can keep a healthy level of calcium in their bodies by eating calcium-rich foods, while others may find it necess

Gluten Free Eating - Is Distilled Alcohol OK?

A lot of people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance are afraid of distilled alcohol because they are afraid that some grain proteins will be mixed in with the alcohol. This is one of those fears that makes life harder for people with celiac disease and reduces their choice in food and beverag

Diet For Six Pack Abs - What to Eat to Get Popping Abdominal Muscles

Building great six pack abs doesn't have to be that difficult. True, it's a lot about how you work your core muscles, but diet also plays a big factor. If you don't eat the right types of foods, any number of ab workouts isn't going to help you actually see your abs.