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Muscle Testing - Kinesiology

Muscle testing, also called kinesiology, applied kinesiology, or energy testing is an ancient healing tool that has been around for centuries. Muscle testing is biofeedback without all the gadgets. It can be used anywhere to test anything.

How to Facilitate a Telephone Support Group

Telephone support groups are an excellent resource for people who live in far-flung geographical areas, those who don't have reliable transportation or those who are simply too busy to come to a group in person. They can help people coping with mental illness, family problems, losses and other diffi

Stress Treatment - With the Help of Medicinal Herbs

Stress is a serious and very common problem of modern people and there are many different methods that are used to treat this condition. However, not all methods are always completely safe, or without any side effects. Because of that, it is wise to consider trying out some remedies that nature has

Exercise, Embracing the Humor in Your Work Out

Humor triggers joy and amusement supporting our mental fitness. Let humor motivate you as you work out. Here are five phrases used as motivators that you probably never thought about as being humorous, until now.

Increase Your Energy With This Fun Exercise!

When you're feeling a little lethargic and "all over the place", here is an exercise that will help you increase your energy and get going again. Each day, you must tackle many responsibilities and as much as you try to accomplish everything in a short time, you're scattering you

Occupational Therapy Treatment Methods for Gout

While gout is best controlled with weight loss and changes in diet and lifestyle, occupational therapy can also help. The therapies recommended for people with gout include regular stretching and exercise to help prevent flare-ups and aids like braces and crutches to ease pressure on joints during a

American Smoking Facts

Cigarette smoke and secondhand cigarette smoke is the leading cause of cancer, heart disease and other health-related ailments in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Almost half a million Americans die each year from illnesses linked to smoking.

Walking Is Good For Mental Health

One of the most natural things that an individual does every day is to walk.For years, this single act has been linked to improving cardiovascular health.The reason is because, generally, walking is a safe movement that isnt likely to cause injury.New studies have shown that walking is also a terrif

Is ADHD Treatable? - Ugly Lies And Rumors

'Is ADHD treatable?' is one of the first questions parents ask when given the diagnosis for their child. The answer is that while ADHD symptoms can be managed and treated to a certain extent, there is actually no cure. Some children grow out of it while others continue into adulthood.

How to Join a Nun Order When You Are Over 60

Becoming a nun is a life-altering decision. There are numerous communities that accept women over 60 who want to become a nun. Some communities, particularly the more traditional ones, do have an age limit of usually 30 or 35. Yet even the more traditional communities will sometimes make an exceptio

Pros & Cons of Existential Counseling

Existential counseling is an approach based on existential psychology. Theorists such as Rollo May, James Bugental, Viktor Frankl and Irvin Yalom have contributed to modern psychological existential theory, which centers on how the individual lives in his environment and how he can best lead an "aut

To Fear, or Not to Fear Health: That Is the Question

With the mind-body connection apparent in health, it is important to notice whether fear is creeping into your thoughts surrounding health. Keeping a healthy mindset toward health is as important as keeping your body healthy.

Cerebral Palsy and the Small Victories

Even if it takes 10 times longer, at first, and is frustratingly difficult, the goal of achieving any independence is worth the effort.Then, you can celebrate cerebral palsy and the small victories.