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How Do Uniforms Save Time for Kids?

Having been absent from most schools in the United States, uniforms made a comeback in the 1990s, sparking a controversy. Parents, teachers and students have different views regarding the change, which has supporters and critics. Proponents argue that uniforms save time for kids and parents, for exa

How to Care for Chukka Boots

Chukka boots, sometimes known as desert boots, are a classic style of footwear that has been popular since the 1950s. Chukka boots are ankle-length, have sturdy rubber soles, and are made from unlined suede cowhide. The proper care and cleaning helps well-made chukka boots retain their classic goo

How to Get Moist, Soft, Pretty Lips

Dry lips are not only uncomfortable, they're unattractive as well. Despite common belief, soft, pretty lips are not expensive or complicated to achieve. You can change the look of your dry, flaky lips with a little exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection.

How to Apply Leather Dressing to Motorcycle Boots

If you wear motorcycle boots as a motorbike enthusiast or for fashion, you'll need to care for your boots to keep them in the best condition. Leather dressing is a neutral-colored conditioning paste, made of beeswax and natural oils, used to preserve and protect leather motorcycle boots. After a tho

How to Make a Hutch Look Primitive

Giving a kitchen hutch or storage hutch a primitive look is an excellent way to make it fit in with rustic décor, particularly in country-style homes and homes with lots of natural wood and antique appliances. There numerous ways to make a hutch look primitive and aged.

A Face Mask Recipe That Cures Common Skin Problems

Skin issues from aging effect to other skin problems are commopn to everyone. But there is a perfect recipe for each. You will find here not just the recipes also the benefits of using a homemade face mask to cure problems like oily skin, blackheads and more.

How to buy a Well Fitting bra

For some women, buying a well-fitting bra ranks right next to finding jeans that fit in terms of difficulty and emotional anguish. But by educating yourself on how a bra is supposed to fit, you can make the experience of bra shopping a little less painful.

How to Make Wax Out of Sugar

2 cups of sugar1/4 cup of water1/4 cup of lemon juiceCast-iron saucepanAluminum foilSpatula3 inch x 6 inch strips of cotton

How Often Should You Use Hair Straighteners?

If you have a nest of kinky, unruly or easy to tangle hair then the new crop of chemical hair straighteners and relaxers may seem like a godsend for straightening it. How often you should use hair straighteners depends on a number of factors and you want to be careful of over processing your hair. M

How to Keep a Straightening Iron From Ruining Hair

Straightening your hair with a straightening iron is an effective way to get sleeker, straighter hair, but it also does a number on your hair. The high heat of the iron can severely damage your hair, leaving it frizzy, dry and unmanageable. Taking the right steps to protect your hair can keep a stra

Professional Way to Tie a Necktie

According to Ben Silver's "The History of the Tie," the tie became en vogue when King Louis XIV of France started wearing neckerchiefs after seeing Croatian mercenaries wearing them during the Thirty Years' War. In England, school children started to wear neckties in their school colors and tying yo

How to Set Gems in a Ring

For the first few times setting stones, it is easier to use an easy-mount setting. Easy-mount settings are designed to get one accustomed and familiar with setting a stone. It requires about 10 to 15 minutes of time, and some patience.

How to Take the Lining Out of a Crocs Mammoth

Crocs Mammoth shoes are clogs that provide the comfort and durability that Crocs are known for, with the added warmth of a removable fleece lining. Crocs notes on their official website that Mammoth Crocs are "made of the same innovative genuine croslite material as original Crocs shoes" and that th

All Methods of Unstopping Your Toilet

A clogged toilet is frustrating, but not a reason to call a plumber right away. There are four methods used to unstop a clogged toilet, although only three of these are consistently effective. When your toilet is stopped due to a clog, the worst thing you can do is try to flush it again. This doesn'

How to Wear Pastel Jeans

One of spring 2012's hottest denim trends is pastel jeans; we show you how to wear them.

Layered Shifts

Vera Wang's Spring 2009 collection of dramatic sportswear was shown on the runway during Fashion Week. See the photos for yourself.