Journeying to a Secure Life

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Isolated and overwhelmed Life would have us be, But as soon as we connect We suddenly begin to see! Others have suffered Very similar trials, Others have had to contend With times devoid of smiles.
The grass is always greener on the other side, they say.
But the truth is, we all have green grass seasons where life flourishes as well as times when our grass browns off and dies.
Our opportunity is to enjoy what we have today.
When we connect with other people in meaningful ways, in ways implicit of community, where we are equals with one another as mortals, we are granted the blessing of observation.
That is, they see us and we see them.
And what could be cause for comparison, is just as much cause for seeing the seasonal vagaries of life; sometimes we are ahead, sometimes we are behind, and life is more equal than we often give it credit for.
Journeying to a secure life is as much about accepting that God has favoured not one over another.
God cannot play favourites.
It is not in his character to do so.
And even though it seems that some are favoured in life, as we view life from the eternal perspective we all have different lives, that's all.
Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind.
If we can accept that sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind, we begin to accept, also, that it is best that our hearts rejoice with those who are rejoicing and mourn with those who are mourning.
Because we have had our own successes and losses, and we have felt those feelings of elation and desperation, we are all perfectly equipped to rejoice and mourn with others as their circumstances fit either one - as we contemplate how they might be feeling.
Journeying to a secure life is about simple acceptance.
Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind.
God is not favouring us when we are ahead, and he certainly isn't punishing us for being behind.
Not everything can be explained.
This is acceptance.
Acceptance, in the grand scheme of things, is a great blessing in accord with eternity, for in eternity things cannot change, and acceptance runs beautifully in accord with eternity.
*** Sometimes we are ahead in life, and sometimes we are behind.
We are neither being favoured nor are we being punished.
But being alive is the favour of God.
Being alive is the invitation to journey to a secure life.
Being alive is the invitation to know God by his Presence.
If God is for you - and he is - who can be against? © 2014 S.

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