Wah! I Hate Getting on a Digital Scale

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Do you love getting weighed? I think getting weighed is a way to torture myself, and it's me doing it to me! Yuck. I cannot tell you the number of scales I've trashed only to buy a new one. It's an addiction. I am afraid to get weighed and afraid not to. I've just never felt "swell" getting on a scale.

So why do it? When you weigh yourself, your main intention is to see if you've made any progress. But it's a method that is loaded with the history of our unsuccessful attempts. Having the desire to lose weight has been with me all of my years. I feel impelled to lose weight and this is a habit developed over my years that was nurtured by media input as well as the medical standards for bodily size that are darn near impossible to achieve because their charts are unreasonable. It's driven by the beliefs of my parents who were also educated by the media and taught me those same mistakes. Following, you'll find three non-weighing methods to keep score for your weight loss program that involve zero angst for getting on a scale.

Using A Tape Measure.

* You can create a spreadsheet with your starting measurements.

* Decide how often you will measure.

* Write down the new measurements and tally up the losses.

* Celebrate those losses.

The Seatbelt Method. I have a new way of checking for weight loss and when I use this method, I always feel like celebrating. I have a small plastic clip on the seatbelt in my SUV that keeps that darn thing away from my neck. When I clip the seatbelt in, and then loop it through that plastic clip and pull it as tightly as I can, I then make a mark on the seatbelt itself with a ballpoint pen. In a week or two, I do it again and see the progress.

The Two-Sizes Down Method. Now this one takes a good sense of humor and if you're a fat woman, I know you have one.

* Purchase some pants that are several sizes smaller than what you're currently wearing.

* Decide how often you will try them on.

* When you do, use a tape measure to measure the distance between the button and the button hole on the waistband.

* If you are measuring monthly, and you are using a new Mind Model to think into place your new size, you'll see a difference. And when that puppy actually buttons, hoo yah!

I visualize the new picture of myself in my mentality. I sense that picture throughout my daily doings. Slowly but surely, that picture manifests itself on the outside of my body. It's a novel, mental method that doesn't involve dieting. I can assure you that those lost inches feel so much better to me than anything my digital scale might regurgitate.

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