Teams Succeed by Putting a Human Face on the Leader

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Leaders are interested in people who will help them accomplish the many goals that are set for their teams.
Self-starters, initiative takers, independent, results oriented individuals are in great demand on any team.
As part of a team, it's up to you to help your leaders reach the team's goals.
Following are some tips that will help you build a better relationship with your leader, while helping the team to succeed.
Put yourself in your leader's shoes From their perspective, what are the problems, the pressures, and the demands they are dealing with regularly? Do you have a good understanding of the goals they are trying to achieve?When you gain a clear understanding of these, you are better able to make decisions, tailor your communications, and make contributions that will enable those around you to perceive you as an MVM--most valuable member of the team! View your leader as a human being Your leader is just like you.
All leaders at some point were members of teams.
They may have even worked in the role you have prior to becoming the leader they are now.
Therefore, they usually have lots of experience to share with you.
If they are willing, allow them to be your mentor.
Ask for feedback regularly, and get their input on your own goals as part of the team as well as your personal direction.
Gain understanding of who they are and what makes them tick by asking about their family, personal hobbies, etc.
When they are open to it, share your own information, but take the time and sincere interest to find out about their family, hobbies, etc.
as well.
Be helpful/Be proactive Since you have an understanding of what the demands are on your leader, do what you can to contribute to them.
What are some immediate actions you can take to help further the team's ability to move forward?Where can you take the initiative to solve a problem or improve a process that wasn't on anyone else's radar screen, or had others stymied?By demonstrating a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the team you will help others to perceive you as a team player and future leader.
You will gain the respect of your teammates, as well as your leader, and ensure your future is on the right track.

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