Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

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Of course you do, but here's a hint to make it easier than ever.

I know you obsess about what you can't control. I know you obsess about what you want, what you want to change, what you want to get. Probably you think a lot (read obsess) about how to get what you want, how to feel bad towards those who might have what you want. Obsession is a very strong and real-feeling thought process. You can taste what you want. And, if that's all you are doing then probably you needn't read any more. But I'm guessing that along with those wanting, tasting thoughts you might have some collateral thoughts that are negative.

Since thoughts put out their vibes into your body, your mind, the air around you, you could be overwhelming your good intentions with your most likely unconscious negativity. Most of us put out negativity toward ourselves and then do a lot of back stepping and justifying to hide it from ourselves.

Imagine the power in thinking only of your success! Daily, nightly how wonderful you are, what a great job you did today, last week. How you were able to pull yourself together and really apply yourself. How your focus turned into a job well done.

You can't (you really cannot) hold two thoughts at the same time - multitasking will be in a later article - and if you are thinking, no, obsessing about how right now, this very minute is pretty good, there will be passion built into the Now and it will assume a new importance.

The minute you start seeing the moment as it is, even if it's only for a minute, it will attract more minutes and your good feelings will increase. An obsession is a particularly strong process, when you apply it to what you want to attract, the thoughts of the past and future will have to be more quiet.

That part about your boss, your spouse, whatever and whoever you find to complain about or envy will be pushed aside by the small and wonderful daily things that surround you. It may feel like a stretch, but looking at what is around you and how it adds to your life is a huge energetic shift for most of us. When was the last time you thought about how great it is that your phone works, that you can turn on water - and turn it off? When did you last think about some article of clothing for its comfort, your watch for working. You add the small details - I don't want to remind you of some little thing that doesn't work! I'm not saying there aren't any!

When other students in my first meditation class would complain about watching the breath - it's boring, I can't do it, I feel like I'm choking - my teacher would smile and say, " If you can't handle the breath, just stop breathing for a while."

So plug in the most successful habit of our time - probably all time. Something we've all done, know a lot about. It takes some discipline - what doesn't? If you find yourself jabboring on about something that's not in your best interest - say "so what" or "whaaat?" - wake up, get a new habit. Start now!

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