6 Key Elements in the Pursuit of Happiness

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We are granted the right to pursue happiness but are not given a guarantee that we shall attain it.
Happiness seems to elude so many of us.
I don't know about you, but I often find happiness difficult to sustain.
Life just gets in the way far more often than I wish it would.
I get frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and I let my happiness slip away.
At times, I even fail to remember that it is my choices, not my circumstances that determine my happiness.
I look to people, places and things to restore the loss.
Truth is that happiness is entirely up to me.
We all face challenging circumstances in our lives that threaten to steal our happiness.
Some are bold, obvious thieves while others are stealthy, quietly subduing us as they remove this prize possession.
We feel content with our presumed fate all the while silently desperate to retrieve what we know in our hearts has been stolen.
We forget the power we possess to change that said fate.
Yet, it remains within us, ready to be released with a few simple choices.
As I considered the elements of a lifestyle of happiness, not determined by our circumstances but rather by our choices and supporting actions, I explored 6 elements that I believe to be key to our pursuit.
All 6 are based solely on choices we make.
Those choices are:
  • Celebrate Who You Are
You are a masterpiece, a one of a kind work of art, a treasure, a prized possession that the world craves.
People are waiting for you to arrive.
They need what only you can give, as only you can give it.
Embrace this truth.
Celebrate who YOU are designed to be and how you alone can change the world! It is a choice, a conscious decision to accept yourself and celebrate the truth of your authentic purpose in this life.
Failure to make this choice ensures your unhappiness.
  • Understand the Means to Your End
Life is a journey.
In other words, our purpose and passions are not met at the beginning of our lives.
They begin in our hearts and as we move forward in life, we release them through our experiences and choices.
Step by step we become all that we are created to be, of course, given our choices are in line with our divine purpose.
The journey is filled with opportunities that are in fact the means to our end.
Each opportunity itself is not the satisfaction of the goal, dream, passion or purpose but is rather the means to them.
Understand that truth.
Accept the journey.
Enjoy the ride and make sure that as you travel along you choose wisely to ensure that the end is all that you dream it to be and are designed to enjoy! Happiness will be yours when you understand that the journey is the means to the end!
  • Give 100% to Your Dreams
Your dreams are worth nothing less than 100% of all that you are.
Every ounce of your being should be poured into the achievement of your dreams.
Every step of the journey should be met with full throttle effort, all out intention and maximum attention.
There is a saying in the fitness world.
"Go Big or Go Home".
I think that statement applies to our dreams as well.
That is not to say your dream has to be BIG though I believe every dream is whether it appears so to you or not.
Regardless of the dream and your perception of its value, impact or purpose, GO BIG! Do not sell your dream short with less than 100%! Your happiness is directly linked to the effort you apply toward attaining your destiny.
  • Embrace the Challenges
To think your dreams will come true with ease is to be sadly deceived.
There will be challenges.
In fact, all the powers between heaven and hell with make an appearance along the way, trying to prevent you from reaching your destiny.
They are the thieves intent on stealing your happiness.
The impact you are created to make on this earth is so valuable that it must be fought for through trials and tribulation.
Face them with the heart of a victor.
Hit them head on with the powerful force of determination, intention and passion.
Declare authority over every obstacle.
Prevail against any assault that would seek to undermine you in the journey.
Stand firm, stand tall, stand strong in the face of the challenges and lay hold of the prize; your happiness and your destiny fulfilled.
  • Do the Hard Work
I've always heard it said that nothing worthwhile comes without hard work.
Embracing the hard work from the onset is equal to preparation and preparation equals confidence which becomes success.
Do the hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Fail to do so and watch your happiness fade into the silence of defeat.
  • Surround Yourself with a Team
You need a team.
You need to be surrounded with people who believe in you; who empower, support, encourage, and guide you in the journey.
Choose your team wisely.
Look beyond the obvious.
Look for those who have achieved similar dreams, who live as you seek and desire.
Look for those with wisdom and understanding.
Doubting Thomas' are not allowed.
People who want to mold you into their idea of who you ought to be are not allowed.
Choose people who accept who you are created to be.
Choose a team and find happiness in collaborative attainment of your destiny.

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