Can You See The Green?

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I saw a very interesting documentary not too long ago.
A movie crew gave a homeless man $100,000.
00 and then followed him around to see how and if the money would change his life.
This gentleman was living under an overpass in Southern California.
The film crew followed him around for a bit before deciding he would be the one they would give the money too and he didn't know until he opened a briefcase in the dumpster they had planted it in that he was to be given this money.
The results while interesting were not surprising.
In order to give this gentleman as much support as possible, they even gave him access to a financial planner which he turned down.
To make a long story short, within a year the man had blown through all of the money and was back living on the streets.
Ted (the gentleman that received the money) simply gave it all away.
While watching this, I could tell that he wasn't giving it away because he wasn't smart about finances; he was giving it away because his wasn't a life that existed with money.
His was a life that existed out on the streets.
Living on the streets was in his comfort zone.
Yes you read that right, living on the streets was in his comfort zone.
He didn't like it, and if you were to ask him, he would tell you he would rather have a home to live in instead of being out on the streets.
Regardless of that, it homelessness still existed within his comfort zone.
Having money did not.
Ted has a mind set of being poor and homeless so no matter what, he will always make sure that his reality matches his mind set even if it's on a subconscious level.
So many people have a very similar situation when it comes to finances that Ted does.
Maybe not to the extreme of being homeless, but how many times have you said, "If I could just pay my bills, I'd be happy"?The funny thing is that I've not met anyone who has actually just paid their bills and been happy about their finances.
Remember we all create our own reality and that means the reality that our finances are in right now as well.
This is exactly why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.
It isn't because of lucky breaks and tax loop holes.
It is because many rich people have a mindset of wealth.
Warren Buffet was asked one time how his life was different now that he was the 2nd richest man in the world.
The interviewer was caught a bit off guard when he replied with, "Well, I can afford anything I want know, but then again I always knew I could.
"That is a pretty powerful statement.
In his mind he always knew that he would be able to afford anything so when money started presenting itself, he didn't freak out about it and not know what to do.
This is where visualization comes in.
You see our minds work strictly off of memory so when you think finances, it immediately runs a video of what your current experience with finances may be.
You have to create a new memory for your brain, ones that invoke emotions.
You have to change your mindset from one of broke or just getting by, to one of wealth however you define financial wealth.
If you don't, you too will begin to give away the extras that come your way.
Not necessarily by handing it to someone, but by unhealthy spending.
So how do you create that mindset of wealth?Well that's easy, just close your eyes and see it.

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