Key Lessons Taken Away From Anthony Robbins" UPW Seminar

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Today is October 11th, 2007.
Three and a half months ago I attended Anthony Robbins' Unleash Power Within (UPW) seminar in London.
As being passionate about self-growth and helping others I would like to take time and share my experience after the seminar that will hopefully be somewhat inspiring to you.
I can relate to what Tony teaches, although I thought few "fun activities" were a bit too much.
However, I took most out of this experience including dancing like crazy, laughing hysterically and even crying like a little baby.
Here are some key lessons I took away from the Tony's seminar that I would like to share with you.
First, what and how we feel emotionally will lead us to where we want to be i.
destiny or destination.
Meaning drives emotions.
In order to understand the formula of success we need to get straight to the fundamental point, that is, we can not control everything e.
events, people, attitudes etc.
, but what we can control is the meaning we attribute to these things.
In other words, as human beings we are capable of developing a skill that allows us to control what things mean to us.
Let me give you an example from my experience.
Every morning when I bike to work (in Denmark many people prefer to bike), sometimes I get pushed or cut off by some guy/girl biking like crazy God knows where.
Now maybe he/she cut me off on purpose, maybe not, but the truth of the matter is that I don't really care.
Instead of yelling at the back or cursing him, I condition my mind that he must be in an extreme hurry and did not do it on purpose.
You see why I do so, don't you? Right, I want to stay in a good mood or so to speak the emotional state by charging myself with that positive flow of energy allowing me to produce results I want.
Being only in that emotional state you can produce result you want.
Take a personal responsibility Many of us don't want to take a responsibility and as result we always find someone or something to blame; be it event, God, or someone else but not us.
Just try to think of any moment in your life when things did not go your way and remember how easy it was to divert your anger, frustration or disappointment to something or someone else but not self.
Interestingly enough, the more we are out of control the longer these negative emotions persist and as a consequence our behaviour changes that eventually leads us to so many problems.
Simple may it be but the solution is stop blaming that something or someone even if you know that it is their bad or fault.
Take a more proactive approach and figure what you can learn from this experience, let go and move on.
There are more important things to take care of rather than trying to find that "scapegoat".
As a result, blaming will always take you down emotionally, financially and in your relations.
Raise your standards Many of us have been raised with some sort of standards.
Most of us are comfortable with what we already have.
Many of us are not growing, which is essentially "dying".
If we don't push ourselves beyond our limits we stay in our "comfort zone".
To grow in all aspects of your life, find a way to raise your own standards and start pushing yourself.
Modelling others Everyone successful person will tell you that besides drive and passion you always need have someone to model as this is a shortcut to your success.
For example, I know that Tony is a wealthy and successful person.
Why not model him? This was my objective of attending his seminar in London.
I knew that by learning what he has experienced in 30 years can definitely teach how to embark on a completely different direction in my life, the direction I strive for.
If you care enough about your life and about how you are going to handle every difficult moment in your life (which you will certainly have) you may want to attend Tony's seminar and experience the intense energy radiated from him and people around you.
In the like-minded environment you will learn how to take control over your emotions, feelings, behaviour and thus your destiny or destination.
What happens after the seminar and how passionately you will take massive actions is completely in your hands.
The most important thing is to make progress on a continuous basis i.
"CANI - Continuous And Never-ending Improvement".

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