Kiss Your Inner Critic Goodbye in 2 Easy Steps

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With a New Year just underway, here's an important resolution we can all benefit from.
 Send your inner critic packing.
Wow! What a thought.
To rid ourselves of those voices in our head that have so much to say about what we do, how we do it, who we are, and where we're going with our lives.
Sounds great, but how to accomplish such an awesome task? Step 1) To really get clear that it's important for us to do this.
To acknowledge that this inner critic really has been keeping us down.
 Understanding this is key to moving forward.
  The funny thing is our thoughts and habits have been with us for a long time.
 We developed many of our self deprecating voices when we were little.
Because they are so familiar to us, they seem quite natural.
 I bet most people don't even have a clue just how deep these negative patterns are.
 We don't recognize that the way we are speaking, or the thoughts going on in our heads, are actually doing us in.
  Thought is a creative force that has a powerful magnetic energy to it.
 When combined with negative language, which also has a magnetic charge to it,  it packs a double whammy in the manifestation process.
 Manifestation occurs in three steps: thought, word and deed.
 This is known as The Law of Attraction.
 We should all have received an instruction manual regarding this law at birth!   Step 2) Awareness.
Recognizing we need to clean it up a bit is the first step to making improvements in our lives.
 While we are undergoing changes, find ways to bring it about that make you feel good, and are fun.
Why?  Because even if you know something is not good for you, if making a change is tedious or boring, chances are you probably won't see this goal through.
Finding methods for changing that appeal to you will motivate you to succeed.
The fun part is up to the way you go about  your new program.
Attitude is everything!  A fun exercise may be to act with these unwanted behaviors just as you would any relationship that is not working in your life.
Start off by having a talk with yourself, outlining where you are at and where you would like to end up in this period of transformation.
Make a list of what has been gnawing at you.
 Then make another list of how you would like it to be once you complete this process.
 Making lists is a great exercise for releasing and moving forward.
 The mind takes a picture of everything and stores that information in the brain.
 Once we make the list of what we wish for, we can dispose of the other list.
 If the mind takes a picture of everything that happens, then a great symbolic gesture is to burn the first list, so that the mind pictures that that information is no longer necessary, and deletes the file.
  The new list can be repeated everyday as a daily motivator.
Repetition is a fabulous tool to retrain the brain.
Anything you continue to do for 30 days or more becomes a habit.
  Words become actions.
Actions become habits.
Habits become character.
Character becomes destiny.
  Implementing new well thought out strategies is what's calling you.
If you have been listening to that critical voice within long enough, now is your time to give it a SWEET kiss goodbye.

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