Time Management Tip- Strategic Planning Can be Your Best Time Management Tip

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This time management tip will help you to understand why it is so easy to get behind and never make progress because you don't have a clear plan.
Strategic planning provides the means for gaining clarity, focus, and direction.
A strategic plan differs from a business plan in that when your strategic plan is complete you will have a dashboard indicating specifically what must be done by when, what resources you will need, and who is accountable for each required action in the plan.
When you know exactly where you want to go and have an implementable plan for getting there it is much easier to make better decisions and choices for how you use your time.
Each day following this time management tip you will select 1-3 key things that you must accomplish by the end of the day.
Then you will want to block your time to allow for the accomplishment of those key things.
A big mistake that many people make is that instead of planning how they will use their time they record how they did use their time.
This is backward planning and will just ensure that you continue having the same time stressors that you are having now.
The difference between backward planning and forward planning is in the approach and could be a time management tip all by itself.
With forward planning you are planning what you want to happen and then taking the necessary steps to make it happen.
That means that each week you will set aside about 15-30 minutes to map out your upcoming week.
Before the end of the day on Friday is a great time to do this.
With your planning system open, either electronic or paper, and your strategic plan available identify the key things that must be accomplished in the upcoming week.
Select your 1-3 key actions for each day and block out time frames to actually do these things in your calendar.
When practicing this time management tip make sure you allow plenty of time to complete each key action.
You will have interruptions and unexpected events, but now usingthis time management tip you can choose how and when you will respond to them.
Now you are armed with the information you need to make the best decisions about what you will respond to and when you will respond.
When something truly does require your attention and can't be ignored or delegated choose when you will take action and block out time for it.

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