The Fine Line of Awareness

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Some people say that it is a fine line between sanity and insanity.
As my daughter says, I'll buy that for a dollar.
We also walk a line with our human experience .
The line we walk most often walk is living on auto-pilot rather than in awareness.
How do we go through the process of daily life with awareness? It's a delicate balance, but not a difficult one.
It takes presence.
To achieve presence in the moment actually takes, well, presence! It requires us to stop and really notice what we are doing in the present moment, as in, I am working at my desk, I am driving my car, I am washing the dishes, the sky is blue, I feel the sun on my face, I feel happy.
The cost of not being present is that we live a life that is marked by the past and punctuated by fear, anxiety and conjecture about the future.
All the while, we miss today.
We miss out on our own life.
I often hear people say, "where has the week gone?" Sometimes we experience momentary awareness and realize entire years, decades even have passed mostly unnoticed and unlived.
An anchor of some kind serves as a reminder to stop and notice what we are doing.
Like the infamous string around the finger, we all need something that anchors us and supports us as we forge a new habit.
Even if we only have one moment of presence and awareness a day, it would be a step forward for most of us.
I wear a little bracelet that serves as my anchor.
When I look at it, I am reminded to stop and be conscious and deliberate about what I am doing, like really looking my 7 year old grand-daughter in the eyes and listening to her tell me about her day at school, really hearing her, noticing her brown eyes and shiny black hair and funny little gestures.
In the past, I have set a chime on my computer to remind me to stop and really be in the moment.
The possibility presence creates for us is endless.
In presence we have the ability to create anything we desire.
Relationships become real, life becomes rich, joy becomes full.
Every moment is precious.
The old saying is, "They don't call it the present for nothing! Presence is a gift!" Be present to that.

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