Is Getting Confidence Simply a Matter of Saying to Yourself - I Want Confidence

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How can you get confidence? Many people think it's a simple matter of just saying I want confidence.
But really is that simple? I don't believe it is.
Because if it were that simple then nobody in the world would ever suffer from a lack of confidence or negative thinking.
My experience has been that confidence comes from past experience.
Let me give you an example of this.
When you first start a new job you are always going to be a little uncomfortable and lacking a bit of confidence.
However 6 months within the job your confidence levels have changed you have become familiar with your surroundings and have some level of confidence.
You see in those 6 months your mind has performed repetitive tasks that have caused you to become comfortable and more importantly confident.
Even a simple thing as seeing the same person every day begins to help the mind breed confidence and familiarity.
However that's all well and good but what then happens once your environment and surroundings are changed? Let's look into this a bit more.
The thing about confidence is that when you are put into an uncomfortable situation that is different to your normal surroundings your confidence levels will be lower.
And in particular when you are in a situation where there is some pressure being exerted onto you it is likely at this point you will want and need some confidence.
I know from my own experiences when put in pressure situations I have always said to myself now is the time I want confidence.
It is at this critical point that the mind can play some interesting games.
Let me explain.
You are under some pressure and as a safety mechanism you say to yourself I want confidence to deal with this situation.
The mind will now either go into system shock and completely freeze or the mind will begin to reference some past experience you have gone through that maybe able to help you in your current stressed position.
The big thing here being that if you don't have those experiences then your mind cannot try and reference and access anything from the past.
So the conclusions we can gain from the above example is that you need to continue to develop and learn because without those experiences you will never be able to become confident, and more importantly you will never be able to access the confidence required in those uncomfortable situations.

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