Thoughts on Improving Your Life

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Your thoughts are real! Aren't they? Don't they seem real to you? That's because they are! They have their own energy, and once thought assume their own life.
A thought reinforced becomes a reality to you.
How can that be? Well, think about it! If you constantly repeat a thought to yourself, you begin to become that thought! I will never make money.
I am doomed to always struggle.
I am so unattractive.
I am fat.
etc etc.
Now what happens? You become all that you expect to be.
So if it works in a negative way then...
hey its going to work in a POSITIVE way too! How exciting! Now lets see.
I am attractive.
I am strong.
I am confident.
Life is easy.
I am joyful.
I have sufficient to meet all my needs in abundance.
I am happy.
OH YES! I like this...
Wait - can this possibly be so simple!!! Oh YES! Tried and confirmed! So...
What then do we have to do to remake us into the person we know we always wanted to be.
We become who we think we are.
We achieve what we think we can achieve.
So if you think you can or think you can't - you are right! Now.
Can it be that easy? Yes it can, But..
Have you ever tried to control your thoughts? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
So now we have to understand and accept that fact that if we want to change who we are for what we perceive as a better nicer version of us, then we have to REALLY WANT to do it.
No half hearted pathetic attempts at trying, and oh its too much of an effort all this control of thoughts.
Rather continue in the comfortable rut where I don't have to think about changing anything.
Too much effort.
So OK, Stay there if you are comfortable.
You absolutely don't HAVE to do this at all.
No one is MAKING you do this.
No one can make you do this.
So its OK.
Stay there.
are you happy there? Yes.
OK stay there, its OK..
No, dammit, I want different, I want more, I want change, I am restless, OK What do I have to do? OK - are you sure? Do you REALLY want to change who you are for the best possible version of who you can be? You have to DECIDE to change your thoughts.
EVERYTHING begins in your mind with a decision and a certainty that you WILL make this happen.
Can you do that? Yes? Of course you can! OK, decide what you want to change first.
It can be that you know that you are negative, or judgmental, or quick to lose your temper, or miserable in your job, or in your relationship with anyone, or anything else.
So choose one and decide this is what I want to change.
When you have made that decision then decide how you can change it.
Then decide again (just to make sure) do I really want to change this aspect of me.
If you are certain that you do, then go ahead and change it.
EASY for you to say, I hear you saying.
But you know - most special one, it is easy.
Once you have decided, really sure that you want it, you wont let anything get in your way.
You will find if you spend time each day reaffirming the new aspect of change, the new thought to replace the previous unwanted, outgrown behaviour, you will start to manifest that in your life.
Maybe not the first few times, but after falling back into known behaviour, you will resolve, next time, I will change it, You may or may not.
Doesn't matter.
The important thing is not to give up, but keep on reaffirming in your mind the way you want to be.
And sooner or later, (probably sooner) you will find one day, that the opportunity comes up where you could have reacted in the old predictable awful way, and you didn't.
! You chose not to.
You will find that the emotions that go through you at that time are wonderful.
You will gain strength from this and find within a period of time that you really do not have any desire to behave in that way anymore.
People around you will start saying things like you have changed, because they will notice it too.
This will reinforce the new thought patterns and will transform you into being more of the person that you really want to be.
Love is the most important thought to have in your mind.
If you do all things in love, you will react to others in a way that can only be positive.
Two questions are helpful when you are unsure of your response.
  • What would love do now?
  • Will this help me to be the best that I can be?
Your thoughts are who you are.
If you don't like who you are, you can change that.
Just change your thoughts.
Think about who you want to be and make it happen.
You are the only one who can make things change in your life.
There is no way you are going to change anyone else.
Now that is something that really is not going to work.
People only change when they WANT to change.
Therefore really, you are the only one that you can work with.
No one else is going to allow you to change them.
So you need to stop looking outside for OTHER people to change.
It wont happen! It's only yourself that you can work with.
The best thing that you can do with other people is to accept them just as they are!!!!!! After all, that is all that you want other people to do in relation to you.
That is to accept you as you are!! Why can't you do it to them? It will certainly ease up on your relationships and make life much more pleasant all round.

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