Self-Improvement is Not For Sissies!

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So, where are on your journey for self-improvement? It seems my whole life has been in that direction.
Constant changing and growth, accepting new challenges.
I don't sit still for long and sometimes it feels as though I can't NOT go forward.
Frustrating sometimes also.
It is somewhat like tennis players -- they come in all levels of ability and someone who says they are "good" to some people may be a very poor player to others.
After all, look at the ranked tennis players.
I am sure I would just be watching the ball fly by -- that is if I can see it.
But there are some people I can beat! But I have learned to NEVER say I am "good," as that can come back to bite me.
But I digress.
I say this to indicate that everyone is in a different place with their personal growth/self improvement.
There is no right or wrong - just different.
After all, watch the Oprah show and then watch reality shows.
Examples of diversity.
People on some reality tv shows may not be invited to be enlightened guests on Oprah.
One of my latest discoveries was a few years ago with the whole "Secret", manifesting your destiny movement.
This came as a culmination of a lot of other work and I don't think I would have gotten it in the same way if I had not done the other work of clearing out the OLD stuff.
A few years ago, I was ready.
A phrase that comes to mind is "where you are today is a result of what you did in the past"! This is very important.
Many of us feel stuck and we can't get out of the "muck", but really, if we start working in that moment to change our destiny, to believe the good can come to us, that we are worth it, then it can change in the future.
That is where I am at and I love it.
It takes a lot of patience, however, and a lot of faith.
I am not a religious person, but I do believe in higher beings.
I also believe in the science of quantum physics -- what we focus on is what manifests.
Again, we get down and negative, guess what we get more of -- just that.
I also believe it was necessary to go through some of the things I went through to get to this place.
Now, my life has changed.
True self-improvement is not for sissies, however.
It is tough work.
It is easier to stay in a rut and do what we have always done and complain about it.
As a counselor, I see many people who want the other person to change -- the other person to stop doing something.
So turn that around, look at yourself, and remember you are the only one who can make your life better.
And no "yeah, but's" please.
They stop us in our tracks from moving forward.
It is the same as saying "but here is my obstacle.
" What does personal growth have to do with making money or improving your life or having financial freedom or being successful on the internet.
"If you believe it, you can be it!" There are so many positive resources out there that I believe in and have used.
I also speak as a therapist who uses these resources.
Check them out - they are referred to on my website.

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