Thought Affecting Water - Part 1

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Water, it's everywhere.
Two thirds of the earth is covered with it.
We drink it, bathe in it, and a large part of our body is made of it.
We even like to look at and listen to water.
What most people don't realize is that water can be influenced by thought.
Early research on how water can be affected by thought was done in 1959 by Dr.
Bernard Grad of McGill University.
Grad had an energy healer place his intention on a vial of sterile water solution and then watered barley seeds with it.
The results of the test showed that the seeds that got the water influenced by the energy healer sprouted and grew better than the seeds not influenced by the healer.
But, that was over 50 years ago, what modern research do we have showing water can be influenced by thought? One of the more famous scientist in water research is a guy by the name of Masaru Emoto.
He has written several books about how water can be affected by thought and his studies showed that water with good intentions placed on it made nice looking ice crystals while water with bad intentions placed on it or polluted water made ugly ice crystals.
This was illustrated in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know.
Emoto's research is interesting but his methodology is not really that scientific.
To his credit though, a double blind research study done with Dean Radin actually showed positive results and helped to reinforce his claims.
Fortunately, there are other researchers out there besides Emoto that have done studies on the effects of thought on water.
One of these is Dr.
William Tiller - What he did was have four expert meditators program circuits with thought only, with an intention to change the pH of water.
(pH being the level of acidity or alkalinity).
The results of the experiment was that the water with the pH lowering circuit immersed in it lowered the pH and the water with the pH increasing circuit in it increased the pH...
so the experiment worked.
Pretty significant findings that are compelling in and of themselves, but wait there's more.
In 1995 Russian researchers L.
FONKI showed that the molecular structure of water could be changed by thought.
Now it's important to distinguish that the molecular structure was changed, not the chemical structure.
However, this is still a pretty significant finding.
So, what we have seen so far is a Grad's 1959 research showing seeds sprouting better with intention, Emoto's water freezing into pretty ice crystals when good intentions are placed on it, Tiller and his circuits imprinted with intent causing pH changes in water, and the Russians finding that the molecular structure of water can be changed with thought.
Not bad evidence, but not entirely convincing since Grad's research is so old and Emoto's research has had some questionable methodology.
However, Tiller and the Russians experiments are a little harder to refute which helps lend credence to all the other findings.
What other scientific evidence exist is that shows that water can be influenced by thought? Well, there is a lady named Lynn McTaggert who wrote the book The Field who has recently done some very interesting research.
She has collaborated with several prestigious university professors in her pursuit of how thought affects water.
In part 2 of this article I will look at McTaggert's work and more.
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