Miracles Are Seen In The Light

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"What you think you are is a belief to be undone.
But what you really are must be revealed to you.
The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake.
The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake conceals.
" I attended a wedding shower over the weekend and was reminded by some friends, that the book "A Course In Miracles," is a powerful tool of awareness.
The quote above comes from lesson 91 in the book titled, "Miracles are seen in the light.
" It continues: " Miracles are seen in the light.
The body's eyes do not perceive the light.
But I am not a body.
What am I?" Good question right? I seemed to be all kinds of things depending on the situation I find myself living in.
I bounce back and forth on the tennis court of my emotions trying to discover what I really am.
I have faith that I am something other than a body filled with crazy thoughts, but I can't pull myself out of the daily routine of being hit over the net of illusions with distorted rackets of achievement.
It appears I need something solid to put my faith in so I can escape my body and find my true strength.
I do have the ability to see light without my physical eyes if I make the effort.
The responsibility for finding the answers is within me; the strength that makes all miracles is within my reach and is waiting for my discovery.
When I instruct myself that I am not just a body, faith goes to what I want and my mind follows accordingly.
My will is my teacher and it has all the strength to do what it desires.
I can escape my body if I choose to do so, and I begin to experience the strength within me.
The Course says to practice replacing my mistaken thoughts with their opposites like this: I am not weak, but strong.
I am not helpless, but all powerful.
I am not limited, but unlimited.
I am not doubtful, but certain.
I am not an illusion, but a reality.
I cannot see in darkness, but in light.
Once I believe these truths I begin to experience them, by concentrating and expressing my strength.
All sense of weakness associated with the belief that I am just body begins to disappear.
My strength takes over and I am connected with me, the spirit, in a web of All There Is, and the energy of miracles becomes apparent.
Miracles are always present; now my awareness sees them in the true light of knowing who I am.
Miracles and vision go together.
My vision to see past my body and unite with my spirit brings my world in touch with miracles, and I find myself floating over the court of illusions with a bag filled with miracles and a racket made of gratitude.

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