Never Give Up On A Person

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Here is a great story on how to learn never to give up on a person.

We have friends that we go back with over 30 years. We are all in the prime of our lives. The four of us were recently out for dinner and began reminiscing about how our older sons had gotten in trouble when they were in their early teens.

Our friends' younger son was given up at birth because the mother was very young and she could not care for her baby. She was a drug addict.

This baby became a ward of the state because there was no one to take care of him. Here is where the story shows how you should never give up Our friends found out about this baby and wanted to adopt him but because he was a ward of the state, they could not adopt him. But they were able to become his foster parents, and they did.

Not many months after they had gotten the baby, they had noticed that this innocent little person had some major problems because of the natural mothers' dug addiction. The baby was not growing at a normal pace, and the baby had some psychological problems. They took the baby to many doctors and they had all agreed that they should just "Put The Child In The Corner" and forget about him because he would never amount to anything, or so the doctors thought They would not accept that for an answer and they began to work with this child day in and day out. There was no letting up; they were relentless.

They were also able to get the child into a program where professional people worked with them. After years and years of working with him, they started to see progress.

We have known this young man all through the years, and I can tell you that he wento to school for challenged people, where he was tought how to live on his own and care for himself. He now works at two jobs, is able to drive a car, and lives a very productive life.

If our friends had "GIVEN UP" who knows were he would be, or if he would be. You can never "GIVE UP ON A PERSON", because you never know what potential that person may have.

And the same thing holds true with yourself; don't ever give up. We all go through some tough times and that is the time you need to stay strong. I don't know a person that doesn't have some kind of challenge. It could be health related or financial. We all have challenges, but do not ever give up on yourself or another person.

To your success

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Remember to do something good and positive today for someone in the knowing that they can never repay you and watch the world change one person at a time.

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