The 3 Steps For Successful Visualization

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One of the biggest reasons that many people have trouble attracting what they want in their life is due to their inability to visualize properly.
This is of no fault of their own, they simply haven't been taught how to visualize.
By the age of 15 we are often taught that daydreaming and visualizing is for kids.
Not to mention the fact that we have never been taught how to visualize properly.
You might think it's as simple as just seeing what you want in your minds eye and the universe will deliver.
It is that simple, but there is much more to it than just seeing it in your mind.
The first thing that is very important to remember when it comes to visualizing what you want is simple, but often overlooked.
There is a concept of association and disassociation when it comes to visualization.
Association means that you visualize through your own eyes.
If you were to close your eyes right now and see yourself driving your car, do you see yourself sitting behind the wheel as though you were another person, this is disassociation, or do you see the steering wheel and the road in front of you as though you were looking through your own eyes.
The key to visualization is to make sure you are doing it from a perspective of association.
You must be inside your own eyes looking out at the world.
This puts you in the place of that visualization.
Seeing yourself doing something is a completely different association to what is going on and will not help you to attract what you want.
Learn to see the world in your mind through your own eyes.
The second key to proper and successful visualization is our emotions.
As you visualize, you must get so involved in the dream that it becomes a reality.
you must truly create and feel the feelings of having what it is you want right here and right now.
You must feel the joy you would feel if you actually had what you are visualizing about.
Feel how wonderful it would be to have that love you long for.
Feel what it would be like and the emotions that would rise up as you walk through the house of your dreams.
You must feel, and feel strongly.
The stronger your emotions, the quicker what you want will come to you.
Be sure to bombard every thought with positive emotions.
Every vision with an incredible amount of emotion.
Feel the feelings of having it as strongly as you possibly can.
The third key to successful visualization is to get your senses involved.
This is one of the hardest things to do.
You must be able to reach out and actually feel what it is you want.
You must be able to see all of the detail of that house or that car or whatever it is you are visualizing.
You must be able to hear what the ocean sounds like, or the motor of that dream car sounds like.
You must get completely into the visualization to the point where the rest of the world disappears.
Become that visualization.
Feel the incredible textures of what you want.
Hear the beautiful sounds of what you desire.
Taste what it is you want.
See all the brilliant colors and details of the things you crave.
Smell all the glorious scents of what it is you so strongly long for.
Become the visualization with emotions, sounds, touch, smell, sight, and every other part of your being.

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