Is There Greatness Within You? The Secret and Powerful Motivation of Getting Past Effectiveness

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There are two and only two paths you can use to attain greatness.
They are here.
Have you ever found yourself hanging back, waiting for the "right moment" to move on something you wanted to do?You knew you wanted to move forward, you were practically champing at the bit - but something held you back.
Most often when people do this, they are waiting for their confidence to "reach a certain level" before they will feel ready.
In other words, they don't already believe that they have the ability to succeed at their objective.
Obviously if they are waiting to for their confidence to hit a level that they haven't experienced before...
then a powerful circular behavioral loop is going to occur.
The person will NEVER take action.
They will never move.
They CAN'T.
Why? Because they won't know when they have "enough" confidence, and there is no way to measure it to convince themselves.
Most stores don't sell the confidence thermometer...
at least not yet.
At times like these it can help to remind yourself that your greatness is already within you.
There is nothing to wait for! Once you've decided on an objective, made your plans and done all the preparation you can, there is nothing left to do but leap ahead and go for it.
I'm not talking about jumping off The Empire State Building.
Looking before you leap is PRUDENT.
Be certain there are no trains coming from either direction, THEN, drive across the tracks.
It's that fundamental.
While you hang back and wait for that moment when you'll feel "ready," opportunities are passing you by and your confidence actually decreases as you get locked into a sense of inertia.
Sound familiar? You may be surprised to learn that your inner greatness will begin to grow as a RESULT of your moving forward, not the other way around.
The longer you hang back and allow yourself to be held captive by uncertainty, the more difficult it will be to take a step forward.
If you instead push yourself to move forward even though you don't really feel "ready" yet, you will grow in confidence with every step you take.
Every little victory along the path to your goal will inspire you to keep going, keep daring, keep achieving.
Obviously a mentor, coach or a consultant can be of GREAT use here because ACCOUNTABILITY is something everyone needs to have and take advantage of.
Accountability is great leverage.
How do you push yourself to move forward when everything within you is screaming in panic?There are two logical ways to proceed: 1)Start small.
If you're really terrified about taking a giant leap, take a small step instead.
When you realize that you're still standing and nothing horrible has happened, you'll feel more comfortable and inspired to take another small step.
Keep doing that, and before long the proverbial giant leap won't seem so frightening.
2)Push yourself to take the giant leap anyway.
This choice would not be for the faint of heart, but for the person who knows their fear is unfounded and is willing to face it head on.
In other words, this works best for the terrified person!A vast majority of the time, your fear is just a result of feeling out of your element.
People are so used to our comfort zones and mundane routines.
Trying to do something new makes pretty much everyone feel uneasy..
until they become comfortable with it.
If you can push past that initial fear, we realize that there really is nothing to fear.
You will never realize your own greatness until you develop the courage to express it.
As you do, it begins to expand and become the bigger part of who you are.
The more you are willing to express and expand your greatness, the less you will feel frightened by things that are out of your control, and the more you will naturally focus on the things that ARE within your control.

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