The Universal Laws - Flow With the Tide and Reap Its Benefits

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The Universal Laws, often also referred to as Spiritual Laws or the Laws of Nature are the tenets that govern the entire universe, known and unknown.  The result of our every action and decision is always in accordance to these Universal Laws.  Miracles happen, not in opposition with Nature, but in opposition to what little we know about Nature.  To lead a happier, healthier and a peaceful life, our actions and decisions should be in harmony with the Laws of Nature.  If we somehow manage to train ourselves to align and harmonize our actions with these “absolute” laws, the opportunities available for us to exploit would be limitless. 

Some of the Laws that constitute the Universal Laws are, the Law of Acceptance, Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Non-Attachment, etc…

Once we, as human beings, understand the simplicity of these laws, life becomes a much easier and enjoyable journey.  These are the same laws taught by teachers and philosophers from ancient times.  For example, in Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna imparts counsel to Arujna during the war saying, “You have a right to perform your prescribed action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action.
Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities, and never be associated to not doing your duty” referring the Universal Law of Non-attachment.  The moment we free our mind of the stress of a “probable-failure”, we will feel liberated as there are no dependencies on the task at hand.  So, obviously any work done without pressure will always be better and less strenuous. 

"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be Forgiven" (Luke 6:37).  To err is human, but to forgive is Divine.  It is widely accepted by philosophers and scientists alike, that harboring hatred for somebody ruins the health.  On the contrary, Forgiveness liberates one’s mind and also catalyzes the release of certain chemicals in the brain which heals the festering wounds created by hatred.  There are documented stories of how patients suffering from long-terms illnesses have been cured when their deep-set hatred was dissolved and they were able to forgive.

Hurdles are what we notice when we lose sight of the goal.  Once we are able to accept the Universal truths and decide to swim with the tide than go against it, we will immediately be able to do more than what we think we are capable off.  Suddenly, there will be solutions for all the hurdles that seemed insurmountable till now.  The moment we understand the Law of Abundance, we would automatically discover the vastness of the tools available for us to accomplish our goals. As we fathom the depth of the Law of Acceptance and accept our shortcomings, we immediately have the liberty to change our approach to achieving the goal.  The goal can be anything, from making money to completing a discontinued graduation to leading a stress-free life.   All it takes to realize this is just a conscious effort on our part to recognize, understand and harmonize ourselves with the energies involved in keeping this world thriving.  The laws are absolute; they are the hardcore facts of life.  We have to learn to work in tandem with the laws and not try to get things done in spite of them.

The tools and resources required to manage, abide and exploit these laws is not rocket science and is available and understandable to everybody who wants to be successful and happy.  These incredible laws of the universe form the foundation of everything else you will read in this book. They provide you with a basic understanding of how our universe operates flawlessly and with exact certainty.

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