Effective Habits - Habits All Successful People Have in Common Part 4

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In examining effective habits, we start to notice that we begin to create a definition of effectiveness.
What we're calling effective is what is most useful to you as a person who has an inner and outer purpose in being here.
Following your purpose and fulfilling your mission must be grounded on daily habits.
Daily habits make up your future destiny.
It's what you do most of the time that makes the biggest difference.
What you do once in a while won't do much.
Say you work out once every 2 weeks or so.
You won't achieve nearly as great results as someone who is doing a little every day.
So, realizing how important daily habits are is a prerequisite to creating effective ones.
On to the next effective habit...
One effective habit that all successful people have in common is they take time to study what they love.
A wise teacher once said, "Anything you love is worth studying.
When you tune into what you love, and you begin to uncover the depths of what you love, you open yourself to a deeper and more fulfilling life.
You start to experience an edge that most people don't experience.
That edge is your sense of understanding.
Knowing and understanding deeply what you love, how it works, how to make it better, how to expand, and so on...
sets you up for continual growth.
Continual growth is one of the most effective habits, no matter what field you're in.
In fact, if you love your relationship, it's worth studying relationships.
If you love your business, it's worth studying how to make it even better.
If you love feeling healthy, it's worth studying the laws of health.
Study is a habit of masters.
Studying also extends to studying your Self.
Knowing who you really are is the foundation where all your dreams and desires are created effortlessly.
Study what you love.
More on the next article in this series on effective habits.

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