7 Steps to Goals You Can Achieve

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How are your new year's resolutions going? Did you make any? If you didn't make any or you did but you are already starting to slip here's some tips to get you back on track.
I give you these because I for one do make resolutions and I find in the main that i stick to most, if not all of them.
Write them down - nothing works if they are just things in your mind that you say to yourself now again.
Get them on a sheet of paper number them and carry them around with you or have them taped to the fridge or on the side of your computer and read them everyday, ideally twice a day 2.
Word them in the positive.
Rather than "I must stop smoking" go for something like "I choose to be a healthy person who exercises regularly" yes, you are giving up smoking but there is no need to focus on the loss.
focus on what great things will happen when you stop smoking - you're breath will smell better, so will your clothes, you'll have more money in your pocket, your teeth and gums will thank you, your car will probably but worth more money or at least easier to sell.
don't all those things sound great! 3.
Go for easily achievable things and work up to big things in stages.
If you want to earn more money this year that is a fantastic goal to have but putting down that you are going to be a multi-millionaire and retire in 6 months time might be a push if you currently are in debt with no job.
a good starting point could be " I shall start my own (part time/full time) business this year.
Focus on your goals at least once a day.
I know you're thinking that sounds a bit stupid but you want your brain to keep working on those goals even whilst you sleep.
You will find that great things happen when you focus on positive outcomes.
If you are thinking about your resolutions and goals a lot you'll find ideas will start to sprout like seeds.
Enjoy the journey.
Don't make your resolutions or goals a chore.
Think about what you enjoy and think about what it will be like when you achieve your goals.
They should motivate and inspire you, not feel like a trip to the dentist! 6.
Review them frequently.
There is nothing wrong with changing your goals.
You may start off with a goal that you want to open your own hairdressing salon.
That may change in that you may see a market in your area for a mobile hairdressers.
There is nothing wrong with changing your goal provided that it is a positive one and it keeps you moving forward.
Final one is a tough one.
My advice is to share your goals.
Ideally with someone you know and trust and someone who shares your positive outlook on life.
Alternatively find a mentor to help you along the way.
It will move you along the path to success much faster and hopefully make the journey a more enjoyable one.
Until next time Tim Wilde

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