Magical Jedi Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

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Hello my friend,

In The Next Few Seconds I Will Cover In Depth Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

So, I cover a few basic techniques throughout the video and I also show you in the first few seconds how to get yourself into a powerful emotional state. (This alone, is pure power)

In the next few minutes thereafter I begin to talk about how to communicate with people in a way that captivates the audience's attention to what you have to say.

With the power of your words, people will get in a state of mind where they picture, hear, and feel the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Very, very powerful.

Yet again, if you're trained in embedded commands you're going to notice that I placed several in those in the short little snippet.


This is powerful if you already want to take action, and if you already want more success in your life.

Listen, I can't make you do anything that you don't want to do already.

These neuro linguistic programming techniques are for the sole purpose of achieving a higher level of success. I cannot guarantee results, although coming from my experience I have known for them to work wonders in myself and the people I feel close to.

If you noticed, in the beginning of the video I program my unconscious mind to give me material through the video to provide more value to you, this video was done off the cuff and as you can see I made it in about 5 minutes. The way I do this is by speaking out loud what I want to make happen in my life.

The first exercise, was all about changing the state of mind and state of emotions.

The next part I talk about my surrounding areas to give visual, auditory, and kinesthetic representations to attract you to want to listen more to what I have to say. You can do this in any scenario by utilizing what's already there to create an atmosphere to get people to focus on a set of small things.

What do I mean?

Our minds can only focus on 5-10 sensations at a time. Therefore, if we say something along the lines of, "As of right now you may notice the sensations in your feet, you may realize that the chairs are the color blue, and that you can hear the sound of my voice changing tonalities...."

This brings in a new state of mind where, if the audience is open to it, they will begin to focus on what you have to say and you can lead them effectively to where you want them to go.

With that being said, these neuro linguistic programming techniques will work the more you put them into practice, and the more people are open to such techniques.

Until the next time,
-Cesar Soto

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